KNQ7A, OZ QRP MDT 40 meter transceivers

If anyone is thinking dipping their toe on 40 meter activation’s without the expense of buying an ft-817 it’s well worth looking at these kits. Having never wound a torriod i thought they would be a good challenge, in the end both worked first time. Equally each kit have excellent instructions, complete with all components and enclosures.

Follow the build instructions and you will be rewarded within a few evenings with an excellent qrp transceiver. Not for the novice but if you can solder through hole components competently they shouldn’t be too taxing.

There is lots of information out there on both radios so i’m not going to bore you to death with specifications, i will say the KNQ7A weighs 500 grams and the MDT 275 grams.

I’m sure lots of activators already own one or both. What are peoples thoughts on durability and performance?
Matt M0IAW

For the KQ-Q7A, Adam also does a 20 metre version, which I have. The lack of frequency readout is a bit of an issue but a $15 frequency counter board out of china can help there.

The KQ-7A has one surface mount component, but that’s quite a large one, so OK to solder using a normal iron. On the toroids, be sure to wire them in the correct direction - I didn’t but soon tracked down the fault and then it all worked. It has a very sensitive receiver.

73 Ed DD5LP.