KM3A Newest USA MG

Congratulations to David KM3A as the latest Mountain Goat in the USA.

Thanks for the past contacts and l hope for many more!

73, Walt


Congrats David, I was pleased to work you on your MG Summit today. Many chases of you in my log.
73 Gary

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Congrats David, well done OM!
73/SF, Dan NA6MG

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Congratulations David on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Congratulations, David, on reaching the MG summit.
Seems like yesterday you were just learning the code!
It was a pleasure to work you this morning,

72, David N6AN

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73, Ken K6HPX

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Thanks @NE4TN for the posting, I appreciate it. Additionally, thank you to all the chasers who have provided something to look forward to when I reach the summit :slight_smile:

The SOTA program is incredibly fun, and I have traveled to places that I never would have otherwise in search of summits to explore. SOTA was also the reason I decided to learn code.

I fully credit the CWOps program and @NN7M for teaching me the correct way. CW has been a game changer.

Thanks, and also a credit to CWOps :grin:

For my summit today, I chose a previously unactivated summit, W6/SD-021 “North Castle Peaks.” I have found that most unactivated summits are either a result of being on private property or being particularly difficult or technical in some way. Unactivated summits are my favorite because of the research that I have to conduct prior to an attempt. I like using a combination of the site plus Fatmap and Peakbagger.

Fortunately where I live in Orange County California, there is a healthy selection of SOTA community favorites in National Forest areas, and unactivated summits in desert regions like the Mojave. Today was my 14th “1st” activation, and I’ve had my eye on it for awhile.

So the Castle Mountains became a National Monument under President Obama, and are visible from the 15 freeway as you travel to/from Las Vegas at the California / Nevada Border.

They are a series of towers, each climbable with varying difficulty, but the SOTA summit is the highpoint at the northern most part of the castle (hence North Castle Peak). To get there, I woke up around 3:30 am (PST) - I was wide awake because I knew it was specifically a GOAT attempt. I traveled as close to the range as I could until I reached a wilderness barrier and began hiking. The route to the base of the North Castle Peak was relatively short - approximately 3 miles over some dirt road, then sandy wash, and eventually cross country cactus whacking. Temperatures were great - around 80 degrees and slightly windy. Views were amazing, but the rock face did give me some concern. Surprisingly the route up was mostly class 2/3 with only one 25 ft section of class 4. I got to the summit and saw the peak saw little activity - the register had about 4 names in it from the Sierra Club Desert Peaks Section.

20m was great today. I got some awesome SOTA DX: @F4WBN and @SA4BLM as well as a summit to summit with @N6OQ. I was very happy to get Darryl @WW7D as my 4th QSO, he is tied with @W0ERI for total numbers in my log, but @W0MNA has the most entries at 73!

Regardless today was a huge success, thanks again to everyone who has chased, given me S2S, or has been patient while I was working code under less than optimal conditions. I definitely look forward to many more activations, more unique and previously unactivated summits, and the pursuit of other awards like the Mountain Explorer.

TU ES TNX and I’ll catch you on the next summit.

73! Dave - KM3A (BAAA)


Great write up and set of photos. You made your Mtn Goat peak memorable in every way, NICE! Pleasure to make your mtn goat log and give you the traditional B-A-A !!!

73, Fred KT5X / WS0TA


I was going to run SSB but I forgot my mic… I was stoked to get the BAA on CW, that made me smile every time. Always a pleasure to get you in the log!

Congrats :beers:

Nice work and great trip report. Glad I was able to make it into your MG log. See ya on the next one!



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Always a pleasure, 73!

Dave, congratulations on your Mountain Goat!



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Congratulations, David !
73 Gary

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Well done David and welcome to W6 Goat herd.

Your journey is notable as it was not only somewhat accelerated but as you pointed out included first time activations plus of course your fun trip to Costa Rica. Kudos for mastering CW along the way.

In April 2016 a few days after Obama declared Castle Mountain a NM, I headed out to activate it for the ARRL Nationals Park event (NPOTA). I looked at your mountain as I sat by my Jeep baking,

That is a very lonely and seemingly inhospitable part of the world replete with what appear to be meth labs.

Well done.


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Glad I was able to be one of the 27 chasers who were part of your Goat activation. Surprised that my 20 meter CW signal was readable since normally I would skip right over you. Be sure to make a comment in the SOTA information page in the Resources section for North Castle Peaks so viewers will know that besides you making the First Activation of W6/SD-021, you also achieved your Goat there.

You always have gone to the out-of-the-way locations to find your SOTAs such as the White Mountains of the Eastern Sierra’s and your January expedition to TI land in Costa Rica. Like Paul W6PNG wrote, I also activated Castle Mountains National Monument (MN-82) for NPOTA in 2016. So I know how desolate that area is and had to drive to it from the Nevada side.


CU AGN on another summit or during National Police Week May 9th to May 15th as K3FBI/9 from Little Bohemia Lodge in Manitowish Waters, WI.

Scott WA9STI WA6LE (club call)

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I was too! Happy it worked though.

The Mojave gave me a big boost in summer bonus last year for sure. When I was in the Marine Corps I operated in both Iraq (Syrian Desert) and Afghanistan (Helmand Provence) so while I absolutely hate high heat, I am comfortable and know how to operate in those conditions. That is neat that both of you operated from the monument. That range is beautiful to look at. Actually a nearby summit that I really like is W6/SD-001 that was first summited by @K6HPX and also by @N6JFD. Having gone through that area now quite a bit, I have found that I really enjoy the Mojave, maybe more than the CT region.

Thanks @WA9STI for the photos! If you’re up for it at some point I’d like to do a joint activation.

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congratulations. on your MG. KM6CEM 73

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Congratulations David, thank for giving us chasers something to chase.
Jeff K6QCB

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Congratulations David and welcome to the herd

Ariel NY4G

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Congratulations on achieving MG status, and on lighting up another summit for the first time (I share your passion for ATNO activations!). Keep going with CW.

73 Paula k9ir

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