KL7 Alaska now online, G, ON, HB0 updated

KLA-Anchorage (10,440 summits), KLS-Southeast (1,827 summits), and KLF-Fairbanks (6,176 summits) are now available for Activators! Adding 18,443 new summits into the SOTA world, this addition brings the North America total to over 51,000 summits.

Welcome to Simon Methe, KL3JI, as the new Association Manager for KLA.

Temperatures are “reasonable” :blush: in Anchorage with an average high of 30f (-1c) and an average low of 15f (-10c), so plan your Activations now.

The ARM docs will be posted shortly. KLA and KLS are in the database now and KLF will be available soon. Also it takes a few days for these summits to become available on the SOTA Mapping website.

If there are any questions about KL7 Alaska Associations, please post your questions.

73, Guy/n7un


Thank you Guy.

After a slightly shaky start, all the data for Alaska is now in the database. That is a total of 18403 summits. So many new summits that the database was not very happy and went on a go slow. The result was the “List of all Summits” was very slow for newer associations.

After a bit of adjustment this should now be fixed and you should be able to get the data displayed in a couple of seconds. Now this is for the database (sotadata.org.uk). These new summits are not yet in SOTAwatch/new website and that means you cannot spot them or alert for them. I know this is a pain but we are aware and working on this.

All I had to do was push a few (well a lot) of buttons to upload 42 regions of new summits for Alaska. The real work was done by the summits team Csaba YO6PIB, Simon G4TJC, Peter ON4UP, Rob G0HRT plus Elliot K6EL and Guy N7UN. I don’t get too involved on the day to day summits stuff so I’m not sure if there were any other people involved. If I’ve missed anyone, let me know and I’ll add you in.

In addition G summits have been updated, Swyre Head is no more and positions have been fixed I think. There have been updates to ON and I think there is 1 new summit in HB0.

Don’t thank me, but do please thank the people who did the real work here.


That means that roughly half the summits in the world are in the USA. Further, W6 is no longer the most summit-rich association… it is now number three, with Honshu dropping to number four.

When we were working on KLA, I noticed that some early explorer had a sense of humor when he or she named the peaks, as well as a fondness for the letter “B”. Their peak list includes: Bashful, Baleful, Baneful, Bellicose, Bold, Brittle, Bright, Benign, Boisterous, Bounty, Booty, Bunting, Beelzebub, Bird, Beak, Begich, Boggs, Blueberry, Berg, Bidarka and Bramble.

There’s a Mount Elliott, but I’m concerned that might be an instruction for the taxidermist right after they shoot me.

Elliott, K6EL
Sota MT


and the mount would be…

a goat? :slight_smile:

Wow, not easiest of places to reach to reach in first place and a lot of peaks and summits to play with. Be good, even if can clock one be even better :smile:

Guy or Elliott will correct me but I think we have only covered 60% of Alaska. There is a fair bit more that is “properly remote”.

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Yes, according to our USGS data source (listsofjohn.com) there are some 50k peaks in Alaska! The data we have received is mostly those Boroughs where there is oil surveying occurring which justifies the topography analysis! But it will be several years before an “updated” dataset will be available. In the meantime, there is enough summits for plenty of SOTA fun! :grinning:


Hi Karl,

Speaking as a SOTA Activator, Americas 49th State is tough place to work from “G”. I’ve worked plenty of North Americans from summits but only managed a handful into Alaska. IIRC, all of them, with maybe one exception, have been early morning contacts. IMHO, finding a summit to summit contact with Alaska, from Europe, will present something of a challenge.

73 Mike

Today i downloaded a KMZ-file of the new KL7-summits from www.sotamaps.org … after having a look at it on Google Earth i have to say it is incredible how much summits there are!!

I was part of the OE-Evaluation team last year and had my problems not to loose track of the 200+ summits in OE5 :smile:

From my point of view bringing these 18000+ summits online was a masterpiece of the evaluation team!! I think they would at least deserve a nomination for the SOTA AWARD 2016!

Congrats and thanks to all who were involved …

73 de Martin, OE5REO

Very excited to see Alaska included in SOTA. Especially the Brooks Range (KLF/AE) Region. One of the most breathtaking regions I visited on this planet. Spend several summers up there hiking/boating/exploring. Attached a teaser photo for all of you who do not yet have plans for your summer (hiking) vacations.

Thanks to all involved getting the Association online and thanks to KL3JI for managing this huge Assoc. Can’t wait to go back.


PS: Here a link to a larger version.