KK4NQQ today on W4T/SU-042

Thanks to everyone for the contacts today as well as all the spots. I know its difficult on 10m and I hope to remedy that as soon as I can pass my General.

It was a tough climb, I’m not as in shape as I use to be. But the weather was great on the way up. But as soon as I hit the summit the weather went down hill fast. The winds picked up and I started to get a good mix of sleet and rain, real cold rain lol.

I busted out my 6x8 tarp I keep in the rucksack and huddled down. I was able to make my 4 contacts (Thanks VE7CV, VA6FUN, NS7P, and N6yyo) I was a little bummed that I did not get the chance to copy WG0AT. I love your videos.

I even had to opportunity to talk to a non ham on the way down. He was very interested in SOTA and Ham in general. Gave him some websites, hope he looks them up.

Anyway thanks everyone had an awesome day.

73’s and keep Climbing

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Hi John…glad I made a 10M QSO with you on the summit today! I had a rare day off work so was at home near my rig! Your signal was booming into Smoky Lake AB with some slow QSB. Really glad you made your 4 QSO’s! Thanks for being there! Hope to work you again!


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Great to know my KX3 on 5 to 8 Watts was getting the job done!

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Sorry there wasn’t any propagation to CO from your QTH, John. I heard a N2 station in NY calling CQ earlier on 28.410 but when I saw your spot pop up I was only hearing SA stations? …None the less congrates on your first successful SOTA!! We’ll catch you soon for a S2S! Cheers, Steve wGOAT/Rooster & Peanut