That’s right! I passed the General exam finally. I aced the test. I can’t wait to hit my next summit and try out some new bands. That being said are there certain freq’s that SOTA Activators use? On 20, 40 or any others.


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Congrats John on the new General class license. I’m sure you will enjoy the new privileges you have gained. Yes, there are some SSB frequencies that are commonly used on SOTA.

20 Meters you will usually find SOTA operations on 14.280, 14.342 and 14.342.5 plus anywhere close to those areas where there is a clear spot.

40 Meters you will most likely find SOTA operations around 7.280 SSB. Just watch the SotaWatch website and see what seems to be working for the activators and then try those frequencies yourself. There will usually be someone waiting to pounce on you when you call CQ. Keep in mind that you need to consider working both 40 and 20 meters when you activate so you can give the chasers, both in nearby states and farther out a chance to work you. 10 meters is usually a band that reaches out far and most of the US won’t hear you well if at all.

Good luck on your future activations and have fun. Hoping to work you in the future.

Gary A. - W0MNA

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Thanks for posting the good news on becoming General Class. I can see many new summits in your future.

Have fun,
Larry W6UB

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In Region 1 the band plan ends at 7.200 Mhz so if you are above that you will never work EU land :wink:

Mike G6TUH

Congratulations John on passing the General exam.

Jimmy M(W)0HGY

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Congratulations John! Look forward to your first pileup on around 14.342…
73, Hal