Kite-lifted long wire antenna operation (Part 2)

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Sorry I meant M0GQC’s new kite.

Sled kite from

Unfortunately they have closed down since I purchased it, which isn’t overly helpful to you!

I suggest searching online for kite retailers selling “sled kites”, “photography kites”, “lift kites” etc. They are sometimes used by photographers for lifting camera equipment into the air.

Mine was a 1.6m sled kite (I think). They do go a lot bigger than that but much bigger is probably overkill for SOTA. You’re already on a windy summit & you have to restrain the thing to stop it flying away…as a couple of us have discovered to the expense of both our egos & our wallets!


I agree. Even the SOTAbeams kite pulls so hard on very windy days that I worry about something breaking. Unless you want to lift a 160m EFHW, you probably don’t want a bigger pulling force.

And the antenna doesn’t need to be near vertical. Even as a sloper - with the antenna so much higher than on a pole - you’ll get great results (see Part 1 post #92).


Cheers for the info.
Bigger kite is for low non sota stuff :slight_smile:
Will stick the with sotabeams kite for the high stuff.

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