Kisdon (non)activation

I certainly picked the wrong day to try and activate Kisdon NP-026 (the last NP I need for the set). 40m and 80m were jam packed with Ukrainian contest stations, persistent rain and a shortage of daylight certainly didn’t help either.

Being in the area and the weather forecast suggesting a reaonable outlook I couldn’t resist the chance of doing Kisdon - it looks so easy after all! After a late start (following a heavy session the previous night) and a stop to pick up supplies we finally arrived in Keld around 1:30.

Having waited for the rain to stop/moderate I finally got to the top somewhat later than I anticipated and rigged a shelter from the rain using the storm shelter at the junction of two convenient walls. This done I dashed to the summit cairn and managed to get a GPRS signal for a self spot before dashing back to my operating position and setting up.

Despite a number of calls on and around my self spotted QRG I got no reply. The situation on 80 was similar - it was hard to find a clear frequency - and in any case with the light failing repeated trips to the summit to re-spot myself did not appeal so reluctantly I decided to call it a day.

Apologies to anyone who was after the point. I hope however be back again soon (on a non-contest day and in better weather next time!)



Unlucky, Rick. Join the club!


In reply to M0RCP:


We were probably searching for a QRG on 40 (from SP-017) around the same time that you were and eventually gave up due to the Ukrainian QRM. I guess you also came across to the Polish stations who were about 3 miles wide very close to 3.666. Better luck next time.

73, Chris M1DTJ

In reply to M0RCP:

Hard luck with the activation Rick, HF contests can cause huge problems for high powered stations,let alone lower powered portable stations.

All the best for next time.


Mark G0VOF