Kinder Scout today

With brilliant autumn sunshine & around 10C I thought it would be a travesty if I didnt get out today. Kinder Scout was chosen, I sneekily parked in a campsite which saves about a mile of walking (I vaguely know the owners as I sample their water supply once a year). Just over an hour operating brought 47 contacts on 80m /60m / 40m. I hung around to try & work Andy & Brian in GM but nothing heard. Just before I dropped the antenna I had a flick through 10m & could hear weak audio through the 80m dipole. I quickly changed the links for 10m & tuned around. I had a very weak ZS but couldnt get the rest of the call. I then heard someone calling in German starting with Hotel who I assumed to be an HB9. After listening to him calling in German & English it was HS0ZFD from Thailand about 5/5. I did shout him twice but the antenna was mysteriously showing bad swr so I had to let him go :frowning:
Bring on them sunspots - tnx G8ADD & G4MD for s2s. 73.

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Shame we missed you Steve. I haven’t entered the logs yet but we were probably on 40m by the time you came on and the skip was lengthening during the operation as we went from working UK stations to HA, OE and OK.


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Another Sunday morning where I couldn`t be bothered to drive far, even in the sunny weather. I was going to do SP-010 & 017 but decided to do Kinder Scout SP-001 again (no points for me :frowning: ). Anyway I set up in my usual peat hag, as far out of view of the park rangers as possible.
A leisurely activation of just over 2 hours netted 110 contacts.
40m - 73
60m - 22
80m - 15
The weather started fairly sunny with about 5C, however it clouded over towards the end & seemed to get colder. There were hundreds of small moths on the summit, so many such as to be a nuisance.
Thanks to all who called in & the following for s2s :-