Kinder Scout alternative parking?

Hi all,

Just asking if anyone has been able to park at Upper Booth/Barber Booth for the path to Jacobs Ladder, I was thinking of trying this route next time round.

It looks like this reduces the ascent time,rather than coming from Edale

I usually go up from Hayfield and go over the stone path to Mill Hill and then up to top via Sandy Heys.

This time I will be able to activate from Kinder Low rather than the waterfall.



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Hi Tony…

We parked up under the viaduct adjacent to the campsite…Then a nice walk up through the campsite and on to the path up to jacobs ladder.

This is the postcode for the campsite…You will get to the viaduct just prior to arriving at that address…There was enough parking area for about 6 cars so you should be alright at this time of year…S33 7ZJ.

Good luck and all the best, Neil.

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Thanks for that Neil

will take a look at maps and pinpoint it,also put a waymark on my GPS



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Dont know when youre planning the trip Tony, but the roads are still dodgy round here - I`ve just managed to get my car off the drive today. Best to look on as they have road reports on there.

The parking spot Neil refers to has 2 things going against it:-

  1. Its probably the most popular car park in the Peak for opportunistic thieves, so dont leave any valuables in sight.
  2. There`s a boring flat walk of at least 3km to get to the bottom of Jacobs ladder.

Unless you intend to drive the long way round (via Hope then up the valley) - you will have to go over Mam Nick (to the side of Mam Tor). This road is dodgy after only token snowfall so I dread to think of what its like now. In fact I drove past the road up to it today (the one which goes from Chapel en le Frith under the A6) It looked ok at 250m asl but the road closed signs were out - dont forget Mam Nick is nearer 500m asl.

I`d recommend the route from the large laybye South of Glossop (Chunal) which I think joins up with your Mill Hill route eventually.

Take care & enjoy SP-001 (Don`t upset the NP rangers!)

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Oops!..I didn’t know that it was an ‘iffy’ area to park in…looks so nice as well!

Fair comment about the length of the walk to get to Jacobs ladder though Steve, even if Karen and I enjoyed it!..We would have used that route again but in view of comment No1, we will now look at the route you suggest.

Cheers Steve…and sorry for the bad info Tony.

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HI Steve,

Thanks for the excellent info.

The route I described above that I have always taken was the one from Chunal as you say,I always think Hayfield is the village by the Pub

I will of course take this route after what you say about the other one

Best 73


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Tont & Neil - dont get me wrong, under decent road conditions the Barber Booth approach is well worth doing if youve not done it before. It just requires a bit of common sense when parking, ie don`t leave your Faberge egg collection on the back seat :wink:

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Hi Steve

It was a glorious sunny day on 10th July when we activated Kinder Scout, Gun & The Cloud so things were rather different and the spot below the viaduct and the large layby further along the road were packed.

Generally common sense rules, although it would always be useful to benefit from local knowledge regarding dodgy parking spots and we can then either avoid or be extra vigilant! Perhaps notes of this type could also be entered in the summit resources? I seem to remember Richard put a note of concern about parking somewhere near Blaenau Festiniog in the summit resources.

Thanks for the info.


If you can arrive really early, you can snag one of the 4/5 parking spaces outside the Olde Nags Head pub in Edale. Then you can walk the Pennine Way cross-country to Upper Booth, longer, but much better than the boring road walk from Barber Booth.

Alternatively, you can walk the old Pennine Way route behind the pub up Grindsbrook. Once on the summit plateau, you can navigate over the true summit to Kinder Low, then back down the new Pennine Way to Upper Booth - a nice circuit.

If you park at Barber Booth, there is a nice circuit where you only have to do the road walk to Upper Booth once. At Upper Booth, turn right and take the path directly up onto the plateau. After descending from Kinder Low, do not turn left down the Pennine Way towards Jacob’s Ladder, but go straight on. This will bring you descending through open farmland, and ultimately to just behind the trees at Barber Booth car park.

Map, compass and careful research/planning advised.