Kicking off the new Swiss Summit-2-Summit Award this Sunday 3 July

All day long on Sunday, 3 July 2016, HB9SOTA will be conducting its 2nd annual Swiss Summit
Activation Day. We are trying to get members out to activate summits in as many
cantons as possible. This is a great opportunity to get new cantons for our
Activator / Chaser / S2S award certificates and the HB9SOTA cowbell award even
in these poor propagation conditions.

Indeed, this date is the kickoff for our newest award, the Swiss Summit-2-Summit Award,
which is open to activators not only in HB9-Land but also in other SOTA
associations. Similar to the existing Activator/Chaser awards, this new award
also comes in three levels: Alpenrose (6 cantons), Enzian (14 cantons) and
Edelweiss (25 cantons). A canton is considered as complete when an activator
has one S2S QSO from that canton entered in the SOTA database. S2S QSOs from
abroad (e.g. DM, F, OE, etc.) to a Swiss summit are also allowed. See your
current score on our website at by
entering your callsign and clicking on “check”.

73 and Good



Hi Paul,
I can see no alerts posted for HB9 activations on Sunday yet - I’m considering going out and activating a summit (HF SSB) on Sunday and would like to get a chance to work some of the HB9 summits by chosing a similar time to be on my summit.

73 Ed DD5LP.

Hi Ed

This event takes place on Sunday. As I can see in our HB9SOTA internal doodle, 15 activators planned to activate 11 different cantons. I can imagine that it will be even more on Sunday. Last year, 35 summits were activated by 28 Hams (total 1’212 QSO, 329 S2S).

I’ve planned to activate the rare canton Uri on Sunday morning in CW.

73 de Tom

Hi Tom,
OK, so there should be plenty of HB summits on the air. I’m not too sure about my arrival time as if I go to the summit I would like to, it’s not been activated before and could be up to a 2 hour walk (or a lot shorter depending upon how far it is legal to drive the car up the road/tracks).

73 Ed.

Hi Tom,
Can you see from your internal correspondance, at what time the activators expect to be on the air and on which frequencies / modes as NONE have posted any alerts at SOTAWatch and I’d like to time my activation to make the most S2S contacts possible into HB9.

Thanks Ed DD5LP.

No, there are only call and canton. We use this list as a planning tool to make sure, that not all activators are in the same canton. One of the goals of the Swiss summit activation day is to activate as many cantons as possible.