KI4TN 2X Mountain Goat

Congratulations to Ron, KI4TN, who today acquired enough points for Double Mountain Goat! Well Done!

Walt NE4TN


many congratulations Ron and tks for the many contacts we’ve had

Congratulations Ron!
Thank you for being in my log so many times. The s2s today was a joy too.

Greg, W7GA

Congrats Ron.
Thanks for all the contacts and so glad we got to do an S2S as well on your latest accomplishment.

Congratulations Ron
It is always a pleasure to make contact with you

Ken, K6HPX

Congratulations Ron!

Always fun to hear you on the air - so many times, especially today. Looking forward to more contacts - you have one of the best activator signals out this way, for whatever reasons. I’m hearing you on 40M CW in the middle of the day, from quiet peaks near here, and occasionally even doing S2S on 40 CW a few times - this is really cool.

When Liz comes on CW and contacts me, I realize what good things you two have done together.

George (Carey)


Congrats RON and thanks for the complete today!!

Big hearty congrats Ron - you have been on a tear of late trying to get to the strtospheric level of double mountain goat. It is always good to hear you chase me and me chase you and when I do - I know that Liz is soon to follow.

You and Liz have been an inspiration to me

Thanks (to you and Liz) for setting the bars for me to chase.

Ariel NY4G

Congratulations Ron!
Bill, K0MP

Way to go Ron! Always a thrill to work you on a hill!! Congrats!!!


congratulations Ron, It is always goof to hear you on the air. Will be looking for you
again soon.

Glad to make contact with you on your Double Goat Summit! Congratulations Ron on this great achievement! Bob AC1Z

Ron, thanks for the summits from your neck of the woods. I am hoping to add Liz to my log sometime. You two keep on having fun out there.

John N0EVH

Congratulations Ron! It’s always a pleasure working you and Liz. Great accomplishment and thanks for all the chaser points, 84 times in my log.
Gary K3TCU

Nice work Ron! Thanks for the many chaser points and S2S points!

Keith KR7RK

Congratulations Ron! That’s quite an achievement. It was an honor being your 4th contact.

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Congratulations Ron. Fantastic!
Malcolm VE2DDZ

Congrats Ron on Double :goat::goat: Goat. Tnx for all the contacts! Nice meeting you and Liz in Huntsville. 73 Karen

Congrts Rob and tu for 19 Qs!