KI4SVM is Double Goat!

Pat, KI4SVM has just topped 2,000 activator points to become Double Goat #10 in all of North America. Hearty congratulations from Merle and Herm


Well done Pat !
Ken, K6HPX

Congratulations Pat,

I am glad that I was a very small part of your success. It was my pleasure to chase you on your summit activations.


Congratulations Pat, Always great to work you
Great good keep it up
73 W4DOW

Way to go, congratulations Pat and thank you for being my top chased activator, 24 and counting.


Outstanding Pat! Always look forward to working you. Keep up the good work and I’ll see you in Huntsville in August.

Congrats Pat ! and thanks for the points !
You are my “top chased” activator, 18 contacts so far since i started chasing Sota’s 10 months ago.

73 Eric

Well done Pat indeed. Thanks for the summits and the effort - good stuff :wink:

Very best wishes.

Thank you everyone for the kind thoughts. If it wasn’t for the great community of SOTA chasers, this wouldn’t be near as much fun. I have met and made many great friends on my SOTA activations and always look forward to our next contacts.

It is not hard to see that I am addicted to SOTA and the only fix is another mountaintop!

Till the next one, 73 de pat, KI4SVM

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Once a GOAT always a GOAT…or in this case “Once a GOAT twice a GOAT.”

congrats Pat!



Congratulations Pat on reaching double Goat status and thanks for the 135 contacts! Keep up the good work.

73, Walt NE4TN

Congats Pat, always a pleasure to make a contact with you. Your long air time and going through all the bands multiple times is greatly appreciated. When the time comes that I can mount an activation campaign that’s the way I’ll do it! (Unless it’s Winter!)

Kevin AC2KL

Congratulations, Pat! A Double Goat is much better than an OLD GOAT! I’m proud to say that as a regular chaser, I helped… :smile:

Pat, congrats on your double goat. Great to work you when able, as well as viewing those Unimog photos. Thanks for the fun, the points are just a side benefit, and for getting me started in SOTA. Now get started on the triple goat.

Mike, N4VBV

Thanks again guys! I also had a big birthday recently so the Old Goat moniker now fits too! :goat: I do like throwing caution to the winds and playing the bands while I linger on a summit. Sometimes it ends in frustration, but even ‘closed’ bands often allow contacts missed on other bands. And hey, I just like hanging out in the woods (I guess pun intended).

QTH on W4C/WM-023 - Copper Ridge Bald by Patrick Harris, on Flickr

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Pat, did you ever make it to Waterrock Knob on the Parkway? Hope to try that tomorrow on the way home if WX permits. We’ve been on vacation in Pigeon Forge all week. Daughter loves the Smokies, and we’ve only missed one day not going up there.

Not a lot of time for radio, but she’s only young once. Will be solo driving back to SC tomorrow, wife and daughter going to visit family in east KY. So should get to activate Waterrock if the WX cooperates. And that’s a great picture with the hammock and sun shade. Makes the radio part all the better.

73, and good going on double goat,

Mike, N4VBV

Apologies to all for the blast, thought this was going private message.

Mike, N4VBV

Congratulations Pat!


Mike - ke5akl

CONGRATULATIONS PAT!!! that is an awesome accomplishment for you and as a result of your efforts, MANY chaser points for me! Thanks a bunch, and good luck on the next plateau - Triple Goat!

Chuck - KA5PVB

Great success! I am glad to have been one of your Chasers from my QTH in Northern California. de K6KNS