Keying by the knife

Thursday February 2nd I decided to activate SOTA OK/US-017 despite the very low temperatures reigning recently in the region. I managed to get to the summit on my backcountry skis. The temperature was -17 deg. Ceslius and the Sun was shining when I set up the site. I thought there could be a problem with the TRX due to the low temperatures, but the Elecraft KX-1 was working well. However the real problem occured when I learned, that I forgot the CW paddle at home. First I thought that is the end of the expedition, but when the initial emotions faded away I searched the bag again and foung the keying cable. Then I aligned the KX-1 for hand key operation a tried to find something to short the pins of the conector to perfom keying. The only handy tool was the Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-purpose knife. Somehow it worked and I logged 18 contacts, the CW quality was poor, but the gentle SOTA chasers community found understanding and acommodated to the pace of my operation.

Thanks to all for their patience and the fine contacts.

73’s Dan / OK1DIG

You can see some pictures from the activation here:

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Hi Dan

The sign of a true professional CW Op !! Congratulations.

Perfectly readable Morse, mni tnx for the points.


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Truly excellent Dan - I am most impressed. I never “progressed” from a straight key to a paddle and I don’t suppose I will now… but I have often wondered how someone used to a sideways or squeeze keying action would cope with having to revert to “the old method”. Obviously it was not a problem for you!

73, Gerald G4OIG

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I saw the picture and thought “respect” :slight_smile:


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Outstanding ingenuity Dan! I was very chuffed to work you in this new mode!

Nick G4OOE

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Ahoj Dan,

I was a Swiss army radio operator within the 1980s.
If I had told to my officer about a Czech Radio Amateur who makes morse code on the air with a Swiss Army knife, he would have either sent me to prison or to psychiatric treatment…hi

CU on the air es vy73
*staying at home after knee-surgery ;-(