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Kelly Kettle

usefull pice of kit cheque it out
73s de g0hda

In reply to G0HDA:

Looked fiddly, large and heavy to me. I will not be chequeing out on this occasion.



In reply to G3CWI:

No good for SOTA, but great for the back of the car or at base camp :slight_smile:


In reply to MM6DGZ:

I wouldn’t want to use one in the back of my car…

Is that because your car only has a front?

In reply to G0HDA:
Hi all
this is a lot smaller and lighter have a look

ebay item number 180731561167

In reply to 2E0NHM:
What fuel does it use?
I have Vargo Decagon, alcohol stove, see http://ok9hag.citanka.cz/uploads/2011/04/ok_zl_007_1.jpeg or http://www.backpackinglight.co.uk/product387.asp - very light and usable, just not for too low temperatures - it was -7°C on my OK/KA-012 activation two weeks ago and I had to relight it several times and made just a lukewarm cup of water from the snow. Still better than the frozen bottle, hi.

73 Marek OK1HAG

In reply to OK1HAG:
looks like a solid fuel to me, disposable throw away when all used up. That’s why there so cheep to buy

Cheers Nigel 2E0NHM