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Keith KR7RK - Super Sloth

Congratulations Keith. Very well done! It was a pretty remarkable day for you.
Now on to the next bigger milestone, which is just around the corner. Well, maybe a few corners. :wink:
Thanks for the Chases as well as the many Activations.

73/72, Bruce


Congratulations Keith in achieving Super Sloth.

Jimny M0HGY

Congratulations on reaching the 10K point mark, Keith! And as you’re very close to becoming Mountain Goat too, we’ll have to make it a double celebration soon!

Paul K9PM

Congratulations, Keith!! However, I’m not sure that someone who activates Arizona summits in 100 plus degrees can really be considered a “sloth.” :grinning::grinning:

Dave, AE9Q

Congrats on your fine achievement, Keith!
Bill, K0MP

CONGRATS, KEITH! Well done, and poised to become Arizona’s next goat as well!

Congratulations! Always fun to get you in the log, especially the summit-to-summits.

Congrats sir - and thanks for all the contacts. Here’s to another 10K. If you ever come up to W7W for a SOTA vacation, the beers are on me.

-Josh WU7H

Congrats Keith!,

Looking forward to being there as a chaser for you on your MG day!


Congrats Keith! Excellent work especially with your limited antennas currently! Always great to have you call in! Catch you on the next summit! 73, Jim/K7MK

Keith, wow, that’s quite an achievement in a short amount of time–thanks for the calls! I’m looking forward, very soon I imagine, to hearing about your Mountain Goat Award. Keep at it!

Mike AC0PR

Hey Keith great job! Thanks for all your activations and chaser points. Always a strong signal.
73 GL

Congratulations Keith!


Mike - ke5akl

Congrats Keith!
I enjoy working you and following your activation pictures. I hope I get a chance to work you on Goat day!

Congrats Keith.


A Super Sloth and great activator too! Glad you are having fun with SOTA! Bob AC1Z

Keith, Congrats on Super Sloth achievement. I have worked you may times as chaser and activator. 73 Gary W5ODS

Congratulations Keith! Well done. 73 de Scotty KG3W

Congrats on Super Sloth. Always glad to get you in my log!

Hey Keith, congratulations on the 10K points. Also thanks for all the activations