Kefalonia, Greece (Ionian Islands SV/IO***) 2m FM?

Off to Kefalonia and Ithaca for a few weeks and seeing as there are some SOTA summits listed near to where we are staying I wondered if anyone has any experience of using 2m FM over there?Â

I only have a handheld (2m/70cm) I can take with us and wondered if it was worth taking it?

Any advice or suggestions welcome.


Stew M0SCU

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Hi Stew,

Do you need someone to carry your bags? I just love Kefalonia and have really enjoyed the island each time I’ve been - 6 times if I recall correctly. I only took radio kit the last time I was there and that was just a 1 watt handheld. Unfortunately there seems to be very little local activity and not that many ops respond to calls in English, so I only made a couple of QSOs. I think the truncated call SV8/G4OIG/P put some off. Anyway, if you can manage to pack something better than a rubber duck in your luggage, you may fair better.

As for the Kefalonian summits, I would suggest that you ask Dinos SV3IEG about access (his email address is on as he has activated some of them. He may also be able to tell you about the level of 2m / 70cms activity.

Enjoy your trip and the food. I always return home about 3kg heavier. :slight_smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Hi Stew ,
My name is Dinos and my callsign is : SV3IEG , mobile 698352 19 22 (for more info),
your choice to visit these two beautiful Greek islands is very good.
Stavros SV0FM (Kefalonia isl.) is active all day !!! freq:145.375 and 145.500 fm, Panos SV3DCX (Patra) 145.225 fm and Lakis (Patra) SV0FL, for 70 cm please (use) the freq: 438.300, my suggestion is to visit - activate first the summit SV/IO-001 loc: KM08ID,the view its amazing.
From this summit with a FT-817 YAESU and RH-770 Diamond antenna (144.300 ssb) i made a contact with (9H1GB, MALTA isl - 1/7/12).
Its MUST to visit : Fiskardo, Assos, Myrtos ,Skala and Argostoli,don’t forget to visit also: Lake cavern of Melissani ,Sinks, Castle of Agios Georgios and cave of Drogarati. (Vacations in Kefalonia island - Kefalonia, Holidays with beaches for every taste).

SV0FM Stavros tel: 26710-41248,mobile:6932491675, and Babis Makris SV8XW (has a lot of old radios -museum - Kefallonia isl), WAITING TO MEET YOU ,they are all friends of mine !!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS IN GREECE, Dinos - SV3IEG, 73.

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Thanks for the replies…

This will be our third year in a row visiting Kefalonia, it’s really got under our skin.

I am travelling with my YL so radio activity is not “our” main focus but luckily we are looking forward for some long walks so I should be ok.

Gerald looking at the pile of stuff my YL has ready to pack, I may take you up on the offer of carrying our bags :wink: I’ll also be trying to beat your 3kg weight gain.

Dinos, Ευχαριστώ for the information. I’ll be packing my little Wouxun handheld. We are staying very close to SV/IO-010 Eksogi (2km) so will definitely be walk to there. We are also staying in Sami, SV/IO-022 Kastri is close by.

I hope to work your friends while there and hopefully can find the 4 contacts needed for at least one activation.

Thanks again 73
Stew M0SCU

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In reply to M0SCU:

Ah, another SV8 returnee. :slight_smile: We always stay in Skala. Great relaxing atmosphere in the evenings and a beach that doesn’t stick to your skin. Fully understand the YL not focussing on radio - that’s why I’ve taken to escaping on my own. Planning to do so in CT/AL later this month - taking the 817, 5m mini pole, a couple of verticals and an ATU.

Hope you manage to qualify the summits that you activate. :slight_smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG

I’m off to Kefalonia on holiday next week. Will mostly be idly chasing from a sea/poolside location. But planning an activation of SV/IO-001 Megas Swros at some point. HF SSB and 2M FM.

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