Keep your email address and password details safe and up to date

I’m helping someone recover their SOTA accounts after they had a nasty incident with their computer and lost all of the account details (SOTA and everything else!).

This is not unusual. Many of us allow our browser and email software to “helpfully” remember the passwords we need to login to the many accounts we have. They problem comes when, for whatever reason (upgrade, crash, user error) your browser loses those saved passwords. At that point you end up with loads of hassle. Well the SOTA database can email you a replacement password but if you do not have access to the email account any more you are stuffed. Sure I can fix this but I need to be sure that you are who you claim you are.

So PLEASE can everyone take a moment to do a few simple things.

  • Make sure you actually know your database password.

  • Next time you use the database, check the email address recorded in your details is still correct and that you can log in to retrieve a replacement password.

  • Also make sure you also know the email address you used. (Lots of us use special email accounts for low importance mails like these rather than our primary account).

If everyone can keep their details correct then it makes my job helping you recover from problems much, much easier. Please note, all of the SOTA MT take the security of your details as very important. We try to ensure our systems are secure and we go to great lengths to ensure that none of the information you gives us leaves our control.

Also, we all know it’s bad practice to use the same password for multiple accounts. So, please don’t use the same password for your bank account as the database :slight_smile: