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Keep settings in Sota Watch3

After I choose my settings for Sota Watch3 is there a way to have the program remember these settings each time I log in so I don’t have to keep resetting them?
Thank you.
Brad N1VWD

Hi Brad,

Specifically, which settings are you referring to?

73, Jon

i think he means this:


i would also vy much like to see this feature …

Ok, makes sense … I’ll task this. However, this probably won’t happen soon since I don’t persist any user state data in SOTAwatch at the moment since moving user management to the SSO server. But it is in my mind to develop in this direction.

And it would be great to have a multiple choice filter instead of a single choice.

Here a mockup how it could be:

Setting could be either in the SSO user profile or a cookie ?


I was referring to the number of spots and mode settings, for me it would be 10 last spots and CW.
Brad N1VWD

I sent Jon a PM with this same suggestion some few weeks ago. He said he would study the way to implement it.
I think he has too many things to do and too little time for it right now.
Let’s give him some time…


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Yes, multiple choice. That is why I’ve been using the ON6ZQ SOTAwatchFilter all these years. His settings page is great.




Thanks to @VK3ARR who has just gone and made this enhancement, your browser should now remember the SOTAwatch3 Spots and Alerts settings between sessions.


Keep settings in Sota Watch3

Thank you G4ZFZ & VK3RR for making the enhancement I requested, It works great.
Brad N1VWD

However, resetting to “All Modes” seems sometimes to be not available. I could set FM or ssb or CW but not All. So, for the current activation of I/LO-262 I could either see Andy or Paul, but not both - for some reason I can now see both. Glitch, Bug or User Incompetence??
PS I think something is still not working OK as I now ask for 50 spots but still get 200.
PPs and that is now working OK again.

Hi Rod, I think this was all the result of a glitch in the API host running slow for a patch yesterday so SW3 wasn’t getting the data fast enough in response to your requests.

Thanks, John.

A selection button to remove double postings on the Article menu would be nice!!!