KE6MT SOTA Talk on Ham Radio Workbench Podcast

Rex KE6MT, the W6 Association Manager, gave a SOTA presentation recently which was recorded and in included in the latest edition of the Ham Radio Workbench Podcast.

Very well done Rex!

Keith KR7RK


I was at the event and saw it live. There was lots of talk afterwards about people excited to try out SOTA. It seemed like there was a constant stream of people seeking Rex out to ask questions so they could get involved. Hopefully we’ll hear a few more activators and chasers on the air!

They said they’d post the presentation in a few days.


In case anyone wants to see the slides (I noticed they’re not on the Bay Net site yet), you can get the file from my site: BayCon 2019 Presentation: Successful SOTA Strategies - KE6MT


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I made an attempt to open a link with slides, and it seems that the first slide is only evaluable.
It is .pdf documents, and all pages (except the first one) are blank. Did I miss something?

Hmmm, not sure what’s happening. I’m able to download the full file.

I try from different computer and was able to see 2 more slides: Summits on The Air Chasing and Summits On The Air Activation. Not sure what may cause it. Network bottleneck, web-browser or server issue? Did anybody else try to get presentation file?

I had no problem downloading the entire presentation.

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