KC0YQF is getting close to Mountain Goat

As Lynn gets closer to Mountain Goat she wants to celebrate with the chaser community, she is going to giveaway one of my radios to 1 lucky chaser.

Here are the details: http://k0jqz.blogspot.com


Will Lynn, KC0YQF, be the first female Mtn Goat for North America? I looked at WA6JTM’s spreadsheet (in the NASOTA reflector files section)…I think this is true. If so, you rock Lynn! She currently has 985 points. Two more activations!


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Go Lynn!

All the best for the final activations.

What a cool and generous ‘prize’ in celebration! I guess it should help promote a sizeable ‘herd’ of chasers :slight_smile:

73, Colin

I’m so excited for you Lynn! You’ve been activating peaks with Frank now for over 4.5 years. That takes a lot of dedication! I think you and Frank might be the first SOTA MG couple as well ;-). Maybe there should be an award for that too!!

73, Brad

Since the Summit Sisters Club never had an official leader, makes sense that this young filly should be the new queen… ah, her suffix just happens to be “young queen filly”. Perfect. :+1:

How to go Lynn. Making goat in Colorado is not easy and you did it. I look forward to working you many more times.


I’m not sure how many there are, but I am certainly half of one of them.

Martyn M1MAJ

and I am half of the/an other couple in G.

Maybe first in North America.


I stand corrected! Perhaps first in North America…

73, Brad

you go, girl!

73 & 88,
Bob K0NR