Congratulations to Paul on becoming a new mountain goat yesterday Sep. 9th.

Thanks for all the contacts, Paul, and looking for many more.

73, Walt


Congrats Paul! Awesome achievement and always fun to chase you!

73, de Joe KE9AJ

Congrats Paul, I was pleased to work you on your MG summit.
Gary w5ods


Yay Paul! Congrats and thanks for many QSO’s!

73, Keith KR7RK

Congrats Paul,
Thanks for being an Activator and for giving this Chaser the pleasure and opportunity to work you.
Best 72/73,

Congratulations, Paul!
Gary W5GDW

Congrats @KB9ILT Awesome work. 73!

Congratulations, Paul!
Ken, K6HPX

Congratulations, Paul! Do you still use a K1 on activations?
Peter KD0YOB

Congratulations, Paul! Glad to have worked you S2S on the trip that brought you to Goat-hood ;-). TRnx for all the activations and chasing Qs.

73 Paula k9ir

Congrats and welcome to the :goat: herd! Even though you still claim W9 as your home association, you are a true W4C mountain goat! :rofl:

73, pat - ki4svm

Congrats and welcome to the herd. BAAAAA

Great job Paul. Always glad to work you from the West and Midwest.

Los Angeles & Eagle River, WI

Way to go! Keep going. It just gets better.
Dean ~ K2JB

Thanks to all of you! It sure has been a fun journey to Goatdom. All told it took 7 years, 148 summits, and 2424 QSOs by 520 chasers to complete.

I didn’t even realize how close I was to 1000 points until a week or so ago when saw that I was at 943. After a few minutes scanning the W4C summits I found that there are 6 reasonably easy summits, totaling 58 points, fairly close together on a stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway south of Asheville, NC. A few days later the XYL and I packed up the camper van and headed to the mountains. We planned on 3 activations each day for 2 days, but squeezed in 4 the first day because of a rainy forecast for the second. Only a little rain fell on us that second day and, with the help of KI4SVM’s GPS tracks and summit notes, we even managed a bushwhack for the final summit.

Yes, my drifty K1 has been up all 148 summits and was the only rig used. I’ll upgrade to a better rig one of these days… First I need to upgrade my computer! It has had multiple browser crashes and a blue screen of death while posting this. :hot_face:

Thanks Pat. Seeing that more than 60% of my activator points have been earned while living in W4C, I guess I should make it official and change my association in the database.

Thanks again to all of you and I hope to hear you on the mountains soon.

Paul - KB9ILT

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CONGRATULATIONS Paul, Glad to get in your MG log!
I just read your info about 148 summits, so it is time for me to give out my info!
My first QSO with Paul was 10 years ago on 30 mtrs. cw. Back when he was in IL.
Paul we have had 232 QSO’s, 40 summit, 43 NAQCC sprint, so that leaves us
with 149 Rag Chews Hi Hi ,You know many of them were 2 plus hours long!
Also when you were camping over night you used your K1 and that’s when you told me about SOTA! Yep ! Paul is the guy who got me started in SOTA!!
Thank You My Great CW Friend Take Care and look for you again soon!
73 Gary N2ESE

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Congratulations, Paul! Welcome to the herd!

Thanks for all the QSO’s.

Andy, N4LAG

Thanks Gary! Yep, those 2+ hour rag chews sure are fun, especially surfing the net together or watching YouTube videos - key in the right hand and mouse in the left…often leading to sloppy cw. :crazy_face:

I must admit that I somewhat regret introducing you to SOTA because our rag chews have been few and far between lately. Maybe we can squeeze some in between the 10 pointers you love to chase. :grinning: 73