Karwendelspitze activation cancelled

My planned activations of DL/KW-008 and OE/TI-293, This Friday are CANCELLED.

The track is blocked by snow and it’s -4.7 degrees and snowing at the moment.

For some reason when I updated my Alerts in SOTAWatch with a cancellation text, the update did not work. I will try to delete them.

I will watch the weather conditions over the next few weeks and may attempt this activation in November or December if conditions on this summit improve.

73 Ed DD5LP / G8GLM / VK2JI.

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Hi Ed,

when I activated these summit(s) in April 2014, there was so much snow I was able to bypass the short klettersteig leading up to the summit, by climbing directly up the snow slope; with crampons and an ice axe of course! By April the snow had nicely built up and consolidated which is unlikely to be the case so early in the season.

Good decision.


Yes one has to know ones limits! I am certainly not going the short way up the Klettersteig rather using the normal path. Interestingly a few days ago, someone had cleared the path! - In the last few years there has been a warm spell arund here in November or December if that comes again, I’ll try to activate. It’s very handy having the webcam there so that I can see what the conditions are like!

Ideal would be a warm week or two in November so I could activate early December and get the Winter bonus points as well!

Last week an activation would have still been OK, I’m kicking myself for not going last week. Oh well - as the Aussies say “shuda, cudda, wudda”.

73 Ed.
Addition: Just checked - the route I need to take includes part of the Panoramaweg - which is closed for safety reasons.

Hi Ed

At least you won’t have to worry about the snow on G/TW-002 next week!