K9PM, Paul, Arizona Mtn GOAT

K9PM, Paul, just activated his 100th peak, and is now officially yet another Arizona Mountain GOAT. Paul is the third Arizona Mountain GOAT to be crowned this June.

Paul definitely has the “fever”… he now holds the North American record for the fewest Summits Activated to achieve Mountain GOAT.

Great job Paul!

Now Paul can slow down…but I’m not sure the patient can…he looks “hooked on SOTA” to me!

Congrats and good job Paul…




Congratulations on Mountain Goat Status Paul, I enjoy working you when the propagation allows!

Looking forward to working you many times during your next Award level attack!!!

73, As always, BE SAFE!

Chuck - KA5PVB

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Congratulations, Paul! You really worked those 10 pt summits! I’m trying to work you now and hope to catch you on one of the bands on your special MG day!

Dave, AE9Q

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Great job Paul, Tnx for all the activations. Always good to work you on the summit
73 gl

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CONGRATS PAUL!!! Ya done it. Hope U get off 17 so I can work you on this momentous occasion. Keep up the good work.
Jack KB7HH

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Congrats Paul,
It has been fun chasing you and I hope for more of the same.

Enjoy this great aspect of our hobby.

Dennis - WA2USA

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BIG CONGRATS TO PAUL! A superb operator and a real gentleman.
Listening on the bands for your next thousand points!


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the way Paul hikes, he might hit 2K points tomorrow!



Congratulation to you Paul, always nice to contact you and get you into the log.

73 Tom NQ7R

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Bravo, Paul! Great work!! :scream: CU on on the air for S2Ss

…73, Steve/wGOAT Peanut & Boo goats

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Congrats Paul ! A pleasure to be in your log. Enjoy your day.

73, Quinton NU7Y

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GREAT JOB Paul! Thanks for all the activation’s. You’ve inspired me to try soon.
73, mike K6MW

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Outstanding Paul, your energy to activate and make long hikes is so inspirational. Thanks for the many QSO’s and even sharing a few fun joint activations along your journey! Congratulations!

73 de Keith KR7RK

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Bob AC1Z

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Congrats Paul on the AZ MG!


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Way to go Paul! Another reason to have a party!

73, Bud N7CW

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Congratulations Paul. Always a pleasure to work you.

73, Charlie, K0LAF

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Congratulations Paul on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Congrats Paul on achieving Mountain Goat status in such a short time. You are always fun to work and I look forward to hearing you on a summit again soon.

Gary A. - W0MNA

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Congrats Paul, I wasn’t able to get you on Mt Lemon today…
There’s always another day !
You need to take a break and enjoy your accomplishment !!
Look for ya on the summits again…

72/73 Ed
Bradenton, FL

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