K9IR - Paula is now a double mountain goat!

Congratulations to Paula, K9IR, for recently achieving 2X MG, and for achieving SOTA Complete while at it! Well done, Paula!

73, Ward - WC0Y


Congrats Paula on making 2X Goat status. That takes a lot of activating but is also a lot of fun.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Very FB Paula! Congratulations on 2xMG! I wish I’d known it at the campout. Baaaa, Baaaa!

Andy, N4LAG

For someone from the flat state of Illinois to achieve 2xMG is an outstanding accomplishment. Add many miles of driving to many miles of hiking. Great job, Paula. 73! Mike, WB2FUV

Congratulations, Paula. Awesome accomplishment. Always great to work you.
73 Gary

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Congrats, Paula!
Ken, and Kay, KE7BGM

Congratulations Paula!

You’re in many of my logs with long, tricky S2S contacts. You have incredible ears and great sending skills! Always enjoy discovering your signal and calling!



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Congratulations Paula! Always good to hear you on summit. Looking forward to working you many more times on the way to MGx3!

Ken, W4KAC

Congratulations Paula!
3X is calling:)

Congratulations Paula!

73, Mike - ke5akl

Congratulations Paula!!

Double congratulations Paula for this beautiful challenge accomplished on the occasion of this 2x MG. Thank you for all the contacts made always outstanding.
73, Chris F4WBN

Very nice job Paula, I second Chris’s gesture! It’s always a pleasure to work you. Very skilled CW.
Fred WX1S

Congratulations, Paula. Good job for a good person.

Ron, NR3E

Congratulations Paula! Bob AC1Z

Wow, great stuff, congrats Paula. Well done.


Congrats Paula! Thanks for the summits!

Kent K9EZ

Nice work Paula. Keep climbin those hills.
Scott nz4r

Great Job Paula! Especially since you don’t live amongst the peaks!


Congratulations Paula, I remember some of our S2S has been very weak but you have good ears!
73, Éric VA2EO