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Congrats Paula, thanks for all the activations and chases you have provided on your way to MG. Looking forward to many more.
73 Gary

Welcome to the herd! So, happy you were able to make Mountain Goat!

Jill // N3ICE

Many congrats Paula!!


Hey, hey Paula as the song goes,

Well in spite of biting insects, snow closed roads, bush wacking and a few navigation problems (I call them errors on my part, but I am sure it was a failure of the GPS system for you!). Congratulations on a well deserved Mountain Goat achievement! Along the way you were nice enough to give me a couple of S2S! Thanks again.

Sorry the OzarkCon event cancellation nixed the annual reunion at Branson. It would have been fun to toast and roast you at the local restaurant!

All the best, John N0EVH

Congratulations Paula! Thank you for all those contacts - I look forward to many more as you pursue Double Goat.

Derek WF4I

CONGRATULATIONS! Paula. You have many fans here in the southeast.

Stay safe during these trying times and hope to work you on many more summits.

Ariel NY4G