Great Big Congrats to Paula, who just became NA’s latest goat!
This was on W9/WI-013.
Best, Ken


Woo hoo! Congrats and welcome to the herd!!

Thanks for struggling thru that QSO with me just now… glad to make it into your log!!


Congrats, Paula on your Mountain Goat day! Very happy to work you on W9/WI-013. Have a nice day…de Scotty KG3W

Glad to make contact with you on your Mountain Goat Summit! Congratulations! Bob AC1Z

Dear Paula,
Very congrats on your MG today!
I just missed you when you activated on 20m. Now I’m monitoring your frequency on 30m and I can’t copy you, just some of your chasers are copied.
If you have a chance to get back for a second pass on 20m, I’ll try to be ready to chase you.
Thanks for all the other QSOs before.

Note: your current 26 WPM is a bit too fast to get through accross the Pond in really weak signal conditions. A bit of QRS will surely help to make your signals copyable

Congrats Paula !

Congratulations Paula on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulations Paula!

Congrats Paula, hoping the bands improve so we can S2S again soon!

Congratulations, Paula! I’m glad to be have worked you on your Mountain Goat summit.

73, Ward WC0Y

Congratulations Paula! You are a very energetic Activator, well-deserved!

73 es Baaa,

Keith KR7RK

Well darn, I missed WI-013, but a big Congratulations on MG :goat: ! 73 Karen

Congratulations, Paula! Thanks for all the contacts!

73, Walt

Congratulations, Paula! Mountain Goat achieved with excellence!

73 de CT7/K9PM Paul

Congrats on achieving Goat status!

73 Jim/K7MK

Congrats Paula and welcome to the herd!! It’s been fun watching you get to MG. Many thanks for the contacts as a chaser and activator.

73, Brad

Congrats Paula – well deserved! Was hoping to work you yesterday, but the bottom fell out on 40m and never heard a peep after that.

Take care,
Jim KK0U

congratulations Paula, great job. Looking forward to working you many more times.

Congrats and welcome to the herd!!

Many tnx to all for your kind posts. This aspect of our hobby reflects ham radio at its best. I wouldn’t have achieved anything if it weren’t for all the folks who mentored and chased me during the journey to date. I have learned so much from all of you. I treasure the friendships I have made through SOTA; you all are the best!

I’m looking forward to continuing the journey, both as a chaser and activator.

73 Paula k9ir