From 20:15 through 20:38 on January 27,2019 K7PX was working stations on 30 meters from the summit of Chief Mt (W0C/FR-030).
The Spot error had WG0AT listed as the operator.
thank you for your attention to this matter.



Thanks for this update. When I worked you S2S yesterday, I wasn’t sure if it was you or WG0AT - you guys both send well, so it’s not always obvious. Since WG0AT picked it up on 20M after you quit in 30M, it seemed like there was just one operator.

The RBN Hole was down yesterday, as well as for a couple of previous days, so that didn’t help the chasers with your spots - or mine. I had a hard time getting spotted at first, but some chasers either found me on the band, or looked at the RBN spots, and I got spotted - then they kept up with me and spotted me from band to band, which was very pleasant.

How on earth did you and Steve activate Chief Mountain with all the wind and cold yesterday? Were you in a botha bag? Anyone reading this should know that 3565 M is pretty incredible in January, with a low barometer, and cold front coming down from up north…

I thought it was pretty chilly up on “8595” !! I almost got blown away going down to the car!


Carey (George)