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K7MAS NOW visiting in Spain - Active 2M Repeaters near Barcelona?

Looking to make some “local contacts” in Barcelona area.


Hi Mark,
Glad to read that you are in Barcelona area.

As for repeaters in the area look at:

This list may not be up to date, but is a good starting point.
By the way…have you taken along a DMR handheld? If so, could be easy to keep in touch…(I am located near Madrid)

Moises “Mo”, EA4MZ

Thank you again for the resources. So far no contacts through repeater, but I’ll keep trying.

No DMR / Digital Radio, only analog.

What are common simplex frequencies in Spain for 2M FM, simplex, in Spain?

73, Mark, EA3/K7MAS

Hi again Mark,

Common simplex frequencies:

145.575 lately has been assigned to -R1 repeater.

73, Mo, EA4MZ