K5RHD - NA's Newest Mountain Goat

Congratulations to Randy K5RHD on becoming the newest Mountain Goat in North America. He achieved it today on W5N/SS-026.

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Congrats , Glad to work you again 73 de Dow W4DOW

Way to go, Randy!

Very cool, the herd is growing steadily in NA.

…and the herd is also growing steadily here in NM! Way to go Randy, congrats.
73, baa!
John K1JD

Congratulation, Randy! Always a pleasure to work you from Tennessee.

Great job Randy! A very impressive achievement. We chasers commend all you Goats! Thanks for doing the hard work and making so many summits available.

Randy, ND0C

Congrats Randy! Now…take a breath…then…I Look fwd to working u on even more summits!



Congratulations Randy and thank you for all your SOTA activations . Wishing you all the best and continued success in the future. 72 de Scotty KG3W

Congratulations Randy, that is a lot of shoe leather and blisters.

Congratulations, Randy. See you in October.
Martha W0ERI

Congrats Randy. We were listening and hoping to work you but the bands were not working for us. NM is becoming the Mountain Goat capital of the US.

Congratulations Randy, I didn’t get a chance to chase you for this occasion but always enjoy working you.
73;s Gary W5ODS

Again Randy, congrats. Hope to work you again soon. Maybe a S2S one day.

Erik WX4ET

Well done Randy! I knew you were real close to MG and I was hoping to work you S2S on Saturday from Butler Peak W6/CT-009. Bummed that I could not hear you on 20 m and I missed your 40 m spot. A troop of Boy Scouts hiked up to the fire tower I volunteer in at that time so I was busy answering questions. Looking forward to the next time! On to 2000 pts - Baaahhh!
Mike W6AH

Congratulations Randy!!

Congrats Randy,
Great to see another addition to the “HERD” in NM.

Congrats Randy,
Be listening for you on the aether.


Congrats Randy, well done…Mike AD5A