K5DEZ wrong summit Ref

After I uploaded my activation log today I noticed I had accidentally spotted myself on the wrong summit Ref on SotaWatch3. I was on W5N/SI-014, Monte Largo…not /SL-014. 17Jan21 from 1803z to 1905z. Please make changes in your log. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Tim - K5DEZ

Looking at the logs from “Show who chased me” it would seem few people heard you sending the actual summit reference, they just logged what was on SOTAwatch blindly without confirming.

We should put something in the rules about references.

If it didn’t require so much unpicking it would be a good test of who is listening compared to who are checking their phones/computers.

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I’ll have to say that unless I hear the activator give out his ref number, I put down what’s spotted. And a lot of times, especially on weekends, the QSOs are real quickies and off to the next station. I’ve had many times when I’ve worked more than one activator in 1 minute. And 5 or more in 10 minutes with band changes (17 yesterday for 30 QSOs!) between QSOs. No time to listen to any one station for long!
John, K6YK

That suggests many of your chases may well be invalid.

Well, I hope not.

You can verify if your QSOs are valid* using the database. Pick an activator, select an activation, and select “Show who chased me” and see if your chase details match the activator’s details.

* valid = same info in chaser and activator logs.

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