K2JB Platinum S2S and KW4JM Gold S2S Awards

K2JB just broke through the 5000 point barrier and KW4JM just broke through the 2500 point barrier for S2S contacts. Please give a hearty congratulations to Dean and Scott for this milestone achievement. I think they both did it from the same activation together.

Ariel NY4G


Wow. Great stuff, congrats guys.


Congratulations Dean and congratulations Scott. I’m delighted that you both found me for S2S yesterday.
73, Malcolm VE2DDZ

Congratulations to both Dean and Scott! Thanks for all the chaser points!

Wow congrats to both of you Dean and Scott! Now I feel even more fortunate to have worked you both S2S yesterday.

Here’s to many more!

Keith KR7RK

Congratulations Scott and Dean on quite an accomplishment! Hope to hear you both on many more summits.

73, Walt

Congratulations Dean on the Platinum summit to summit award and to Scott on the Gold summit to summit award.

Jimmy M0HGY

Good work guys ! Thanks for all the summits!
John, K6YK


CONGRATULATIONS Dean and Scott! Thanks for the many contacts! Bob AC1Z

CONGRATULATIONS Dean and Scott! Well done.
Best, Ken

Fine accomplishment! Well done fellas!

73, Stan-N8HN

WOW!!! What an accomplishment…
Congratulations Dean and Scott

Incredible achievement, congrats, guys!

73 Paula k9ir

Congrats Jim Dean K2JB for such an amazing and outstanding achievement, as well as for the 18 SOTA QSOs with me along the way, being one of those a S2S.
Congrats Scott KW4JM for your bulky S2S points score and also for the 13 SOTA QSOs with me along the way, although none of them have been S2S. I’ll have to activate more in the afternoon to correct that anomaly :wink:
Keep up the good work, guys!
73 & HNY,

P.D. not 18 QSOs anymore, but 20 after today’s two, Jim Dean K2JB.

Great job Dean and Scott. You’re not as old as they say you are.

Dean and Scott, congratulations to both of y’all!

Wow, great accomplishment! Nice work Dean and Scott—keep up the FB efforts!

Paul - CT7/K9PM

Congratulations Dean and Scott. Job Well Done!!!
de John Paul // AB4PP

Wow! Who knew? I wasn’t even paying attention. I just go to the mountain and the Summit-To-Summits just show up. Thanks to all those other activators who helped me along. But no slowing down. The SOTA addiction must be fed. 4 more S2S today. :slight_smile:
Dean ~ K2JB

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