K1LIZ to make 3X MG on 1 Feb, 2022

K1LIZ will be activating Mt. Jefferson, W4C/EM-021 on 1 Feb, 2022 starting at 18:00z. This will be her 3X MG summit. This is an amazing accomplishment for so many reasons. Liz has gone from just tagging along with husband, Ron, NR3E as he started to do SOTA to becoming licensed, advancing to Extra and carving out her own SOTA adventure, all with more almost insurmountable obstacles that one person could endure. She’s the energizer battery of SOTA.

So listen up for K1LIZ on her 3X MG summit and give her a huge 59!

Dean ~ K2JB


1 Feb Update: Liz woke up today not feeling up to the task so she will do her 3X MG Summit another day. Stay tuned. Dean ~ K2JB

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Awesome! Liz has made regular appearances in my log as a chaser and even S2S contact.


Thanks for that post, Dean,
Was standing by out here.

Best, Ken

Congrats Liz! Hope you are feeling better, and hope to get your on the summit!

Kent K9EZ

Way to go Liz! You are a SOTA superstar!

Andy, N4LAG