K1LIZ set to make MG today on W4C/WM-010

K1LIZ is set to make Mountain Goat today (4/13/18) on W4C/WM-010, Steestachee Bald where I first met her and her husband, Ron, KI4TN. For those who know Liz, this is an absolute remarkable achievement for her and for Ron who has assisted Liz in every one of her SOTA activations. Liz was not even an Amateur when Ron started SOTA but Liz was soon hooked. She has earned her EXTRA and will now earn her MG. Join me in a big BAAAAAAAAAAAA for Liz and welcome her to the herd!

Dean ~ K2JB


Do you mean 4/14/2018 :slight_smile: ?

Congratulations Liz!

Er…yes. 4/14/18. Never brain juggle dates late at night. :slight_smile:

Fantastic Liz! Been fun working you both. Great achievements! 33/73


Can’t wait to work Liz, awesome achievement!

Just worked you on your Mountain Goat day. Congratulations Liz ! It’s well earned and I bet you and Ron had a fun day. Wishing you all the best and continued activations. 73 de Scotty KG3W