K1JD now Mountain Goat

Congrats John. Sure glad you were on 30m for your MG summit. No CPY on 17m.
Well done pal, BAA!

72, Dan NA6MG

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Congrats John on New Mountain Goat status. Thanks for all your activations, past and future from all the chasers out there. 72 de Scotty KG3W

And the Goats keep on coming! Congratulations to John on MG and may there be many more summits in your future.

73, pat - KI4SVM

Congratulations John!


Mike - ke5akl

Congratulations John, K1JD on your MG achievement.

73, Larry K4PIC

Congrats John and keep on truckin’ !!!

73, Barry N1EU

Congratulations, John!!
Martha W0ERI

Congrats John! I was hoping to get you on all 4 summits you were activating today, but was only able to hear you from W5N/SS-013. In fact, I’m surprised I actually heard/worked anyone today from Elko Mtn:

73, Todd KH2TJ

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Congrats John on MG and thanks for letting me be a part of your achievement today. I managed to work both you and Fred on all four peaks.

Gary a. - W0MNA

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Job well done John! I want to be like you when i grow up! :slight_smile:
Mike W6AH

Way to go John. A BIG day for you and me. I was really looking forward to working you on all four summits, and I did. I cancelled most of my plans today so I could do that. hi hi You and Fred make an awesome pair. Only worked Fred on two of the summits. Thirty meters was definitely the better choice between you and me, although I did hear you fairly well on 20 this afternoon - when I said CONGRATS MG.
73 de n4mj

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John, congrats to you… Well done!
Couldn’t hear you or Fred at all.

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A big CONGRATS John! You are in a great herd of MGs! 73, Guy/n7un

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Congrats John on MG status. Like Pat,I wish you many more summit trips to come…

I’m glad we worked on your last summit…you and Fred make quite a team.

All the best,

Dennis - Wa2UsA

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Another USA GOAT…Must be something in the water…congrats John!

cu from the peaks soon


Congratulations John on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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BRAVO, John! 4-Hooves Up!

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Thanks Steve, and regards to your goats too!

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Thanks Mike, your SOTA efforts are inspiring!
73, John

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Hi Scotty, thanks for being there so often!
73, John