K for Kernow

As mentioned a while ago

Stations within Cornwall are being allowed to add a K in there call sign.
From Jan 1st mid night till Dec 31st mid night 2016.
This only applies to Cornish based stations and not visitors to Cornwall and also not for use out side Cornwall.

So all being well will be using the call MK3FEH.

Hopefully from a few Cornish Summits as well as MK3FEH/p and a few WAB,s Cornish Squares is my intention for 2016

More details on this web site

For those within Cornwall to apply for the Extra letter is via the RSGB web site


Roll on 2016 :smile:

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Hi Karl,
I’ll look forward to QSO with you as MK3FEH.
You will become a very wished preffix multiplier for the CQ WPX contest. Enjoy it!
Best 73 de Guru

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Thanks Guru

What I might do to save confusion when calling sota as a chaser might stick to normal call sign from Home.
And use the other calls when out and about such as WAB squares in Cornwall and as Sota activations and just as 2nd call. But has to be within the county of Cornwall.

The awards looking good from the Cornish radio club and the WAB boys too


K For Kernow

                           As we all know 2016 will start the Cornish Award with the special Callsign of K, just for those interested Worked All Britain has a Tracker on the website (free download) for anyone interested.

The last time I posted on this website, regarding WAB mobile Portable Log Books, I was shot down in flames. simply because they were not waterproof, personally I use both.
Cheers Ken G0FEX .