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Jyranvuori OH/JS-066, 1.4.2015

“Jyra” is the most activated summit in Finland today. Because of the small amount of sotamates “Jyra” is the first Finnish summit which has been activated fifty times. Second one is Kiiskilanmaki OH/JS-016 which has been activated fourteen times. In position three is Venalaisvuori OH/JS-067 with ten activation. This summer will increase number of activations for sure.

Between 10-14.4 I will visit in EA7-area where my target is activate at least one, perhaps more summits based on possibilities. One of those is EA7/MA-008 which is very attractive for me. I will spot to SOTAwatch when I know more.

73, Saku OH2NOS

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51st summit behind. End of next week I will be on the air with call EA/OH2NOS/p. If things go in correct manner I can offer four and six points summits for you instead of these Finnish one or two points summits. Let’s follow up SOTAwatch!

73, Saku OH2NOS

Good to catch you on air yesterday :smiley:

Look forwards to your EA visit on air hope the conditions change a little after last two days struggling to reach EA Sotas .


Thank you from nice qso in Friday, Karl! You need to extend also to cw side, then you can get double fun. Hopefully things go well in EA and qso works from there too. I am waiting huge but workable pile up!

73, Saku OH2NOS

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Jyranvuori OH/JS-066 has been activated 70th time so far. Not badly during 2.5 years! Kiiskilanmaki OH/JS-016 is keeping second place with 17 activations and Tiirismaa OH/JS-037 has risen in third place with 15 activations. Finnish small but keen SOTA Team will be hot on the air next year too!

If stars would be in correct positions, might I activate Billinge Hill G/SP-017 end of January – but let see, let see!

Correct wearing is important in Finnish winter. Antenna tuning ongoing before summit.