Jutland (OZ/Denmark) planning assistance

I’m heading to Aarhus in a couple of weeks and I’ve alerted for the summits in the area.

Can anyone offer assistance on access and parking spots for the following summits?

Rye Sønderskov OZ/OZ-003: I cannot see anywhere to park to the north of the summit so was planning on parking by the football pitch (https://maps.app.goo.gl/w1izCCBNHrzmnhLN9) and walking up from the east via Sankt Sørens kilde. Is this a sensible plan?

Sorring Låddenhøj OZ/OZ-004: There seems to be a sign off the road directing you to drive up the farm track, but there’s also mention of a big scary dog at the farm. Can you park by the radio tower then walk back to the farm, then up the path through the field to the summit? Or do you need to park in Sorring and walk up?

Sølehøj OZ/OZ-012: Is it OK to park on the gravel strip at the side of the road? e.g. here: https://maps.app.goo.gl/6qyEEubiBnaTQUzeA

The others all look straightforward with a car park nearby. I’m open to any public transport suggestions for any of the summits too.

Is there much simplex activity on 2m or 70cm and should I try those bands from any summits?


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sotl.as says no for the first summit on your list, Rye Sønderskov OZ/OZ-003.

If you click on each summit and look at the detail, you can see for yourself which bands have historically been used.

Good luck on your travels.


First Tuesday of a month is 144 MHz activity night (7 - 11 pm loc), second Tuesday 432 MHz. Since the Scandinavians invented the VHF/UHF activity nights, there will be decent SSB/CW activity.


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Unfortunately I’m coming back on the Tuesday afternoon/evening.

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