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Hi, this message is just to say thanks to all the people involved in S.O.T.A. In the last couple of days I have just topped 3000 points and over 200 unique summits, all worked in the United Kingdom. It has taken me just over 3 years to do and I am ashamed to say in all that time, I have never climbed any “hillocks” at all, so I am full of admiration for all those people that make it possible to take part in this wonderfull part of amateur radio. I have also met/spoken to many interesting people and try and make every effort to work anybody on a summit wether it be a 1 point or a 10 point because without there considerable effort we would not have S.O.T.A, So again many thanks to all you intrepid climbers, keep up the good work and make this real “armchair sloth” a very happy radio amateur.
Doug G1KLZ

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Congratulations Doug,

Even if you do make my 500 look pathetic, I will have to try a bit harder to get 3000 points in 3 years:S.

I definitely agree, I also do my best to work all summits I can whether 1 Point or 10, I find the 1 Pointers are often more of a challenge.

Having started to Activate some Summits this year I hope to work you from a Top somewhere soon.


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Congratulations Doug on your Triple Sloath !!

Looking through my log I have only given you one summit,while we were in LD.

heres to your next 1000!

having been on both sides,activating and chasing takes some dedication as the activator will say we cant work without the chasers and vice versa. It also takes some patience on the chasers side.

Well done again



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Well done on your 3000th chaser achievment Doug…We’re only ‘noobs’ with Sota but I would imagine that it takes an awful lot of time and effort to log that many activations, not to mention the sheer amount of time spent listening round for the activators.

It was good to work you from NW 002 on Friday, I just wish that the contact had been a little better than it was but at least we made it!..Perhaps the next time out will be better.

All the best Doug and good luck for the next 3000 and bear in mind that without the chasers, we’d just be walking up hills!..73, N & K.

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Hello Doug,

Thanks for being there to respond to my weak hand-held signals earlier this month. You helped make it a worthwhile trip.

73, Derek