Jürg, HB9BIN passed 5000 activator points

Congratulation to Jürg, HB9BIN.

In our joint hike on the Joderhorn, HB / VS-173, and Blinnenhorn, HB / VS-128, Jürg reached 5000 activator points.
It was a pleasure to do this great tour with you, thanks very much.

vy 73 de Hans, HB9BQU


Congrats to Jürg!!

I’ve just passed 5000 chaser points - I’m a LONG way away from 1000 activator points, let alone 5000!

73 Ed.

Hallo Juerg
Ich gratuliere Dir zu dieser supper Leistung. Weiterhin viel Erfolg in unseren schoenen Hobby. AWDH de HB9BHW, Hansruedi

Hallo Jürg

Auch von meiner Seite herzliche Gratulation zu dieser tollen Leistung. Wenn du so weiter machst, muss sich Kurt bald warm anziehen, wenn er an der Tabellenspitze bleiben möchte :smile:

73 de Tom

Many congratulations Juerg. Always a pleasure to work you on the bands. All the best for the next 5000… :wink:

Hallo Jürg

Herzliche Gratulation zum erreichten Erfolg und weiterhin viel Spass beim gemeinsamen Hobby.

73 de Thomas

Well done Jürg and well deserved.
One of the slickest SOTA CW ops around.
Always a pleasure to work.
Here’s to the next 5K :smile:


Hi Juerg

Terrific achievement and always a pleasure to work you.

All the best
Nick G4OOE

Very well done indeed Juerg

Thanks for all the QSO’s on your way to 5000 activator points.

73 Mick M0MDA

Congratulations for the activations!!!

Blinnenhorn and Joderhorn are the my mountains, but I’ve never activated. I will probably active it in 2 meters band ssb this autumn!


iz1twc andrea

Many Congratulations Jürg. Well done on a magnificent achievement !

Chasing would not be the same without your familiar callsign on the bands.

Thanks for the many hundreds of points.


Congratulations Jürg.
Its alway’s a pleasure to work u
Thanks for all the new summits.


Herzliche Gratulation zu deinem 5000er Erfolg!! Wünsche dir weiterhin viel Freude und Erholung in den Bergen!!
vy 73 de HB9BAB / Jürg

Hi Juerg,
Very well done Juerg. Thanks for all the QSO’s you make with me, also our S2S!
73 de Sake, PA0SKP

Well done Jürg, am pleased that I helped in a very small way.
73 Gordon

Congratulations, Juerg! Walt NE4TN

Congratulations dear Jürg for this extraordinary achievement. We are admiring your energy and power to do all these ravishing activations. Let’s hope a lot of new summits can be activated. They are waiting for you, hi. 73/88 HB9FPM Eva and HB9JOE Andy

Excellent achievement Juerg! Aways a pleasure to chase one of your activations. Thanks for all the chaser points you have provided me.

73 Andrew G4AFI

Juerg; gratulier dich! Riesen Erfolg.

Rienus, PAoRBA

Hallo Juerg

Auch von mir Glückwünsche und auch vielen Danke für die S2S Verbindungen.

VY 73 Thomas