June / July Azores Expedition

I stay between 06/25/2105 and 08/07/2015 on holidays in the Azores. I want to activate summit on 4 islands. I will visit Pico; Faial. Sao Jorge and Sao Miguel. I plan as well as the activation of the highest summit (CU/PI-001 Pico) in Portugal. However, this is dependent on weather conditions.
I will work most time with an FT817 (8Watt) and an Dipol Antenna on 12m , 20m, and 40m. I hope the conditions and the weather is good.


I thought the maximum output power of an FT817 was 5 watts.

Good luck with the expedition. I’ll look out for you.

Walt (G3NYY)

Walt, it is possible to increase the power of an FT817 through a hidden ‘calibration menu’. It’s not recommended to mess with the factory settings, but hey, we’re hams and that’s what we do!

73, Colin

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Hi Thomas

If you need any help or info about those beautiful islands, just drop me an email (look at QRZ.com)
I have deep knowledge of those islands.

Vy 73



Iám now on Island Sao Miguel. The weather today is not good. So I’m going to make no Akivierung today.
In the coming days I will be active again.
Thanks for calling me. The signals from Europe are weak her.

The FT-817 “10w mod” has been done sucessfully by countless SOTA activators (10w recommended for CW and SSB only).
Some examples of how parameters in the service menu have to be set can be found here:

You made my day today
Lovely contact on 10m to CU/SM-002

Understand your only running 8 watts. Nice one. What antenna are you using.

Only running 10w this side.

And of course big thanks for the travels to these islands and providing us chasers with some cracking Sota,s from the Azores islands



The FT817 was not been successful in the Azores. I took him only on the 10h hike to PICO. The other mountains I have activated a FT857 and 40 watts. The antenna was a linked dipole to a 6m mast.
Here are some pictures of the activation at 18 degrees C and sunny weather.

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Big thanks for being out there.

So happy managed couple good contacts on a couple Sotas and at least two islands too and IOTAs also.

73s Karl

I work this diplom during my Sota activations
Thanks to CU3AA