July 2019 Quarterly SOTA News

As we approach the end of June, I am preparing to compile the Quarterly SOTA News for publication in the first week of July. Of course if nothing is submitted, I will be able to compile nothing, and no news will appear, so this is a call for submissions. Have you any newsworthy items that you would like included in the July Quarterly SOTA News? Maybe you have something you would like to share that you didn’t want to post as a topic on its own, but is still worth sharing. Please let me have any thing that I may include in the July Quarterly SOTA News.

Please note that if you are not on-line you may as a consequence receive this as an email. The way discourse (this software) currently works you cannot reply by email as it goes nowhere. You need to reply via the reflector or better still message me directly via a PM.

Any last minute contributions to the July 2019 Quarterly news?
If so please let me have them as soon as you can.