July 2016 New Associations & Updates

As already discussed elsewhere, the EI association has lost some summits, gained some summits and some summit names have changed.

VE6 has been updated with new summits and a corrections of position info along with some renaming.

W0C is still to be uploaded. The changes include the ongoing updates in the USA where associations are moving to P150 from P500ft. This will be uploaded shortly once some data format issues are corrected. No scoring implications however.

The summit team remain very busy with revisions and updates checking along with reviewing new associations. Please join me in thanking the summits team and the AMs for their work.


My thanks to those volunteers checking new and revalidating existing summits for the rest of us.


Thank you summit team. Its a lot of hard work crunching the data. But it is appreciated. Zl2aj.

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The W0C summit updates are in place now. These are essentially changes to the metric altitude saved in the DB and have no scoring implications.