Jubilee Beacons

Hi all,

I have been asked by a scout group to open the gate for access to Hameldon hill on Monday, result is i will be joining them for the lighting of the beacon. Although not a sota summit i have decided to take some radio gear.

From talking to their leader there will another group on Pendle sp/005 and waddington fell (possibly easington sp-012) I wonder if there is anyone else up and about on the fells. The beacons will be lit around 2200 for about an hour.
It would be good for a link up, maybe exchange greetings with some of the scouts etc.

Will be on site 2100 not sure when qrv, also there may be massive amounts or qrm from the masts up there, (but not my radar hi).

I will be in company with 2E0XJP (2Q0xjp)

Catch you up there unless changed by the scouts etc

p.s. there are hundreds of these beacons according to the website jubileebeacons etc.

rgds Keith G0OXV

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There will be a beacon fire lit on Adams Hill at 22.20 tomorrow: Adams Hill is the hill with the four standing stones on top, right next to Walton Hill, G/CE-002. If the WX is reasonable I will be there and may do a little activation of CE-002 first.

I asked why the beacon wasn’t on the higher hill next door, the entirely reasonable reply was that they had been clearing brush and unwanted trees on Adams Hill, not Walton Hill!


Brian GQ8ADD

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Hi Keith.

There are going to be beacons lit on Black Combe, Binsey and Sca Fell Pike in Cumbria, as well as many along Hadrians Wall.

There many others too.

Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site beacon locations, east to west, are:
Arbeia Roman Fort,
South Shields Segedunum Roman Fort,
Wallsend Hexham (including Acomb, Anick & Sandhoe)
Housesteads Roman Fort Herding Hill Farm,
Birdoswald Roman Fort Banks/Lanercost
Burtholme Parish Council Bewcastle
Carlisle Castle



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Here is a really useful link to show where each beacon is located near to you:



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A Beacon will also be lit on Muncaster Fell.

Colin And I are heading for Binsey and activating this summit on 2m fm.

Rob G4RQJ is also on Black Combe.



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Many thanks to all stations that called in, It was great to be part of the jubilee event. I was able to link up with Rob G4rqj on Black combe and one or two other none hill related beacons.

We were on the North side of Hameldon overlooking Burnley, Operation to the south was restricted due to location and swathes of pager type rf swamping us.

Our sister station on Pendle hill was clearly visible. I ran 20 watts to the sota beam fm only. The original intention was to try a few other bands but afraid that never happened. It was Chris’s first attempt at hill top operation and was really impressed.

As for me my ou exams and stuff is in its final year so will be back to full sota the back end of this year and might even try a few late night ops seeing the twinkling lights below was quite magical.

catch you all seen from a sota summit rgds Keith G0OXV

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Hi Keith,

We were on Binsey and MM1MPB, whom we worked, heard the Pendle Hill station. Unfortuanelty we only had the hand held with us so could not hear them.

We had to abandon our activation after the dampness in the air started to cause feedback on the handheld so appologies to anyone that was listen for us. Don’t ususally have that problem so need to check the rig.

We did just about manage to qualify the summit thanks to the patience of GM4BDJ.
Thanks Bruce.

Hope everyone that had activations had a great evening. We certainly did with a very atmospheric setting as the full moon rose behind the Binsey between the summit and Skiddaw, which also had a beacon on top.