WX and health permitting i intend to take my son who is in the scouts up a local summit on Sunday 18th October, call sign to be used will be my call sign, would good to work other summits, HF and 2m if the plan goes ahead. Sean M0GIA

Hi Sean,

That must be a big challenge taking your son up a local summit because of him not liking hill walking.

Jimmy M3EYP

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Shining Tor is my fav at the moment, vee av vays of makings him valk! Daniel is already in agreement so no problems so far. Sean M0GIA

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I’d just keep draging him up until he starts to enjoy it.

As they say the beatings will continue until morale improves! :wink:



What is the moral? “Bad things will come to those who don’t do as they are told”? And how should we improve the moral?

Yours in pedantry,