Joshua Tree National Park SOTA activiation

Huge thanks from K6YOA/P and W6/DL6UHA/P to all the chasers who made our Joshua Tree National Park SOTA activation between 11/28 to 11/30 such as success. In total, we activated 8 peaks (7 in the park) for 36 points. Personally, I (K6YOA) made 93 SSB contacts, the vast majority of which were on 40m as my co-operator Hans (DL6UHA) concentrated on 20m CW. Apologies to my normal 20m chasers for not making it up on 20m to often but Hans had very little luck on the other bands and working the same band at the same time was not possible. Special mention to W7RV who worked me on all 8 peaks and AA7DK for operating me on 6 peaks. While daytime air temps were in the high 40’s to low 50’s making for very comfortable hiking conditions, the strong winds on days 1 and 2 made operating and sitting out at night around the camp fire cold. Fortunately, day 3 turned out to be gorgeous and Inspiration Peak certainly lived up to its name. Again, many thanks from K6YOA and DL6UHA.