Jose-Luis EB2JU passed away, a great SOTA hunter

We are all sad today. José-Luis EB2JU passed away on Friday night. He was a great ham and one of the main SOTA chasers in EA2.

He always was keen to answer the activator’s CQ calls. From his shack in his beloved Mount Gorbea, he always managed to chase us, no matter how close or far away we were anywhere in the World. His powerful voice was always there answering our calls.

A great person, generous, patient and perfectionist. A great good friend.

We will not hear his voice again on the bands, but we are sure he will hear our CQ SOTA calls wherever he is. We will miss you. Rest In Peace.

Receiving in hand a QSL card from the QSO with Australia

Hoy todos estamos tristes. Nos ha dejado EB2JU, José Luis. Gran radioaficionado, uno de los principales cazadores SOTA en EA2.

Siempre atento a los activadores para contestar a sus llamadas. Desde la cabaña en su querido monte Gorbea, siempre nos cazaba. Daba igual estar en los montes cercanos o en cualquier lugar del mundo porque su potente voz no faltaba a la llamada.

Nos deja una gran persona, generoso, paciente y perfeccionista, un gran amigo.

No volveremos oír su voz por las ondas pero estamos seguros que escuchará nuestras llamadas CQ SOTA allá donde esté. Te echaremos de menos. Descanse en paz.

In his shack with EA2DYS, EA2DNO and EA2DCA

Eskerrik asko Jose Luis bizipen eder hoiengatik. Faltan botako zaitugu, bai irratian bai Pagomakurrera joaten garen bakoitzean. Beti gure bihotzetan eramango zaitugu.


Sorry to hear that Jose-Luis EB2JU is now silent key. My condolences to his family.

Jimmy M0HGY


Goian bego. Hurrengo arte.


My condolences to his family and friends.
EB2JU was always a warm and friendly voice. A real pleasure to talk to him on the bands. He is 72 times in my SOTA activator logs and I’ll very much miss him. He was one of my regular chasers when I started activating EA2/NV-119 on 2m FM every Saturday morning before I prepared my quick deployment HF setup for the 15-20 minutes I had available to activate. Once on HF SSB, he kept being one of my regular chasers. I also used to hear his unique voice while I was chasing from home.
Thank you José Luis for all our SOTA QSOs.
My best wishes to you forever.



mis condolencias a la familia de José Luis y a la familia SOTA , Se va una bellísima persona y uno de los cazadores habituales en EA, una persona amable , generosa y siempre dispuesta a abrirte las puertas de su Refugio a los pies del monte Gorbea .
Se me hará muy duro volver a pasar por ese lugar y no poder darle un abrazo .


That is a big loss, EB2JU will be missed, always there ready to chase you from any of the EA2 summits, either VHF or HF.
He was very peaceful and friendly. My condolences to his family.

73 de Ignacio


Sad news.
I did QSO with Jose-Luis on 23rd december 2014.
My warmest wishes to his family and friends


I found Jose 4 times in my log.
Condoleances to his family and his friends.
R.I.P Jose


Our fond memory of Jose Luis, and affectionate company to the family at this time.
Elena and Alejandro.


Sorry to hear about that.
Jose-Luis will be missed in the SOTA Community.
R.I.P. my friend


I have had 58 chaser QSO with Jose.
He will be missed from the summits in future.
My best wishes to his family.
R.I.P. Jose


Sorry to hear such bad news. I have Jose in my log 7 times chasing me.
Condolences to friends and family.

73 Joe


379 times in my log. Simply amazing.


Lehenik eta behin, zure ama hizkuntzan hitz egiten dizut, Euskaraz.
Sotazale guztion zaintzailea izan zara, beti erne alerten atzerapenei.
Mendi garaienetatik ikusten zenaren deskribapena entzuteko irrikitan egoten ziñen.
Laino guztien gainetik nagusitu zara, bihotzeraino iritsi ere.
Zure mendirantz begiradak zuzentzen ditugun bakoitzean faltan botako zaitugu.
Han goitik entzuten jarraituko diguzulakoan ziur gaude.
Adiorik ez, gero arte baizik Jose Luis!

First of all, I am speaking to you in your mother language, in Basque.
You have been the watchman of all the Sota fans, always keeping an eye on the delays in the alerts.
You enjoyed listening to the description of what can be seen from the highest mountains.
You have risen above all the clouds and filled our hearts.
We will miss you every time we look towards your mountain.
We trust that you will continue to chase us from up there.
Not goodbye, but see you later José Luis!

My contacts have been more than 400 but I believe that this number is the less significant thing.
Meeting Jose Luis has been the most valuable DX.
73 de EB2GKK


Great radio amateur, attentive patient and friendly on the airwaves, but even better person, I have only been 2 times in his shelter in Gorbea and he was very warm and affectionate … a great loss.