Johnny makes the 1000.

Well done and congratulations to DK9JC who made the 1000 points on dm/bw-067 today.
Thanks for all the contacts along the way. Stay safe 73 Don G0RQL.


Congrats Johnny to MG!

73 de Franz ON9CBQ

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Well Done & Congratulations Johnny!!

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Congrats, Johnny!
73 Fabio

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Congrats, Johnny!

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I’ll have a cup of coffee and some … “Chocholaty” to that :rofl:

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Congratulations Johnny on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Congratulations Johnny. Well done!

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Well done Johnny !
Now you have to catch the 2nd level :wink:
73 Roger

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Many congratulations, Johnny. Well done!
73 John EI3KA

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Hey Don, tu and also for the QSOs on my last summits. If I look at the time stamps, you must have posted it in real time. :muscle:

Some quick shots from Thu/Fr while we did some SOTA in the in the northern Black Forest region. We started on Hohloh DM/BW-054 984m. The next day we went to Hornisgrinde DM/BW-019 1163m. After those 2 I had 994 SOTA Points, only 6 points (thougt 4 but that was wrong…) short of the so hard wanted iceblock trophy. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: We then drove one hour further south to the Brandenkopf 945m DM/BW-067. I was not prepared for this (battery-wise) and we hoped that somehow 4 QSOs would come into the log. It became then nevertheless even 10 QSO, until the device switched off from the low voltage. I will order the award right away and apply for the trophy. Now I am SOTA “Mountain Goat”. After 177 SOTA activations in 7 countries in 5.5 years.

2020-08-13 Hohloh 984m DM/BW-054

2020-08-14 Hornisgrinde 1163m DM/BW-019

Some shelter from the rain:

2020-08-14 Brandenkopf 945m DM/BW-067

I set up my gear on the playground. Nobody was there in the rain…


Hello Johnny, congratulations on your first mountain goat and keep it up …

greetings and 73
Markus IN3ADF

Thank you, Markus! :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

Some statistics:

Activated associations and regions

Association Region
DM - Germany BW - Baden Wuerttemberg
DM - Germany HE - Hesse
DM - Germany NW - North Rhine-Westfalia
DM - Germany RP - Rhineland-Palatinate
DM - Germany SR - Saarland
EI - Ireland IS - Ireland South
FL - France - Low VO - Vosges
HB - Switzerland BE - Bern
HB - Switzerland NW - Nidwalden
I - Italy LO - Lombardia
LX - Luxembourg LX - Luxembourg
ON - Belgium ON - Belgium

My top 10 activation chasers

Position Activator Callsign Count
1 EA2DT 100
2 EA2CKX 66
3 G0RQL 61
4 SP9AMH 55
5 SA4BLM 37
6 OK2PDT 29
7 G0FEX 26
8 G4OBK 21
9 M0MDA 20
=9 OH3GZ 20

Congrats, Johnny! :beers:
73 Danilo IZ1HVD

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As I have written in my email, already: Congratulations, John!

Very interesting, our top chasers match up to position 4:

Top Chasers

Position Callsign Count
1 EA2DT 329
2 EA2CKX 260
3 G0RQL 234
4 SP9AMH 181
5 M0MDA 153
6 G6TUH 146
7 HB9MKV 125
8 OM1AX 124
9 EB2CZF 118
10 OK1SDE 111

Thanks to all chasers (of course also those not in the list above!) for their dedication in working the activators and assisting the activators in getting the summit points.

73 de Michael, DB7MM


Thank you, Michael. :slight_smile: You are my #1 S2S and also my #1 top activator.

Strange. :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:
HB9MKV calls me often while I am in DM/BW. Mostly on 2m. “Only” 16 times in the log.

True. That all would not be possible without them. Also big, big tu from me.