João CT2GSN receives MG "ice block" during a joint activation

Our friend João Cunha, CT2GSN received on monday the Mountain Goat trophy from the hands of Carlos Gomes, CT1HIX, during a joint activation of Monte de São Gonçalo CT/MN-041 that counted with the presence of Paulo Teixeira, CT2IWW and José Gomes, CT7ABG.

João Cunha CT2GSN with his trophy

According to a SOTA Portugal´s tradition started by that association´s first MG, Nuno Freitas, CT2IUV, the next to last MG purchases and awards the trophy to the latest Mountain Goat.

João Cunha (left) receives award form Carlos Gomes CT1HIX

The summit was chosen since it was where João reached the status, after collecting more than 1.000 activator points.

José Gomes CT7ABG activating on “ground zero” of CT/MN-041

João Cunha confortably activating CT/MN-041

Carlos Gomes CT1HIX taking in chasers on 30m CW

Paulo Teixeira CT2IWW measuring the RF properties of brick and mortar crosses

After the brief cerimony, all participants proceded to activate the summit. The day´s activities where closed with a lunch in the city of Barcelos, where we were joined by Miguel, CT2HKN.

From left to right: Carlos Gomes CT1HIX, José Gomes CT7ABG, João Cunha CT2GSN and Paulo Teixeira CT2IWW

The codfish was good.


This is a very nice tradition :sunglasses:.
73 de Martin, DK3IT

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What a lovely story! Congratulations, João, on achieving MG!

73, Matthew M0JSB

NB: if anybody anywhere still has an original MG ice block trophy in storage, it would mean much to me to receive it.
73 de Martin, DK3IT

Brilliant story! Congratulations on the MG @CT2GSN João

Congratulations John CT2GSN, nice job for completing the hard walk to MG :goat: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… my apologies for not being there, there will be no shortage of opportunities :grinning:

73, CT2HOV

Wow, that’s a great tradition :star_struck:

Congradulations João @CT2GSN!

Thanks for sharing the story.

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Parabéns @CT2GSN abraço.

Congratulations João on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulations @CT2GSN João - great work and story :+1:

73, GW4BML. Ben

Congratulations, well done!
CU for many others S2S!
73 Fabio


…to @CT2GSN for one of the probably last ice blocks for mountain goats.

You have a wonderful habit there!

73 Armin

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Good operator - good result good souvenir… sq9mdf

Parabéns pelo prêmio.
Bem merecido
Vamos para os 2000 pontos👍.

Parabéns, João! Uma conquista maravilhosa!

73 de K9PM


Congratulations, João!


Oh, sounds so god. What a nice tradition. Congratulations to João.

73, Ludwig

Congratulations, João, on achieving MG! And what a tradition you have! Enjoy SOTA&Friends!
73 de Rumen / LZ2AF

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