JG1GPY did it again.

Another very nice video from JG1GPY showing how he uses a carbon fibre mast as an antenna. This is really something I want to try in one of my future activations.

And don’t forget his good advice: before going on air, first attach the SOTA flag and then apply bug spray.



Bug spray first .

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By making the SOTA flag out of conductive material, it could be hauled up and down the mast for fine tuning.


Maybe he thought that the bug spray was to prevent him from using a bug :rofl:

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Very interesting, thank you. :slight_smile:

But the use of a table cloth on a SOTA activation must be a first. I have been going under-equipped. :slight_smile:


Hi, Hans and other activators. Thanks for the posting the article. I am so glad you enjoyed the video especially the SOTA flag and bug spray. Hi.

Today, I tried the carbon rod antenna again at 7MHz band, and I got a pile up! The resistance reduction by clamps surely improve the performance even at 7MHz band. I posted another article on the issue.

JG1GPY Takeshi