Jarek SP9MA birthday activation

Dear Friends,

We are in France to spend Christmas time with our family including beloved grandsons.

I would like to invite you to take a part in my birthday activation on December 27th :wink:
The summit will be FL/NO-025

Welcome to participate yourself who can :wink:
Welcome to chase me who can :wink:

Merry Christmas :evergreen_tree:

73, Jarek


Jarek, we had an S2S between DM/TH-082 and DM/NS-107 on 30m in CW yesterday 23th at around 12:38.

I could hardly hear your signal, but I didn’t want to miss our contact shortly before Christmas Eve. My S2S and call went out but I wasn’t sure on the qsb if you answered.

I was about to give up when I got help from a chaser who kept pointing out my S2S request. Maybe it was Lars, SA4BLM. In any case, many thanks to the unknown chaser. For me it was like Chrismas gift, because that’s how our qso came about.

Have fun on your tour and have a good time.

73 Chris


Yes Chris, I confirmed, it was my the best pleasure, Thank You very much for this Christmas gift :evergreen_tree:

73, Jarek


Thank you very much for your support today :blush:

When chasers stopped to call I found 61 QSOs in my log - just up to my todays age :smile:

One of them is S2S :blush:

Thank you Ignacio, we did it :muscle:

73, Jarek


Hi Jarek,
I simply couldn’t miss this chance to congratulate you on your birthday.

I tune on your freq in 14 MHz and couldn’t hear you, doh!
I qsyed to 10 MHz wishing you’d see my spot and, bingo! There you were later on calling for this S2S. Thanks again.

No matter if it was muddy; the nice views on top well deserve the trek, but moreover, your birthday!

See you soon, 73 de Ignacio
Ps Oh, that red umbrella against the rain and wind, so good…


61 years but with the CW sensory ears of a 16 years old! Nice one Jarek,

All the best for 2023

Phil G4OBK

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This time it was for small wind. It is also good for snow which is falling down from the trees and for sun in the Summer :blush:

Thank you Phil, the same for you :blush:

73, Jarek

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